Friday, April 24, 2009


Can I just say how thankful I am for them? Not only because they ship packages with great care, ;) but the guys there have absolutely amazing. Not only do they do everything possible to help my consumers succeed, but have become very dear friends to me and I know they've got my back. That means a lot. So, even though I don't think any of them read this: Thanks guys. You rock.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I really need to keep up with this, rather than my usual blog about something specific, I'm just going to blog about life in general-saves time. :)

We got to go visit my parents in Iowa last month and had a great time. I got to see the house they are building and the plans they are making for it, help them out with that, and spend some quality time with my brother and sister as well. I really miss my family; it's a weird dynamic. I love VA and don't ever really want to move (unless it's to Italy of course, or maybe the Carolinas) so I am coming to the realization we may always be far away. But who knows...when we have kids that all could change.

We started a new small group and I am really enjoying it so far. Our old one I love, but it was getting so big, and a lot of the people had kids and we are in two very different stages in life. The new small group, while having a couple of kids in it, consists of those of us in similar life stages, so I feel I can relate a little easier in conversation and be more open, which I like. One of the couples just had their offer accepted on a house 2 blocks from us, so I'm excited to be close to some more friends!

Work has been...well, hellish. Jim almost got laid off; thankfully I found some more hours for him. He is considering looking for another job, which I don't blame him for in the least. I know he's the "low man on the totem pole"; but I feel like he's been jerked around way too much because of that, and it's always done without goign through me first, which is strange, since I'm his supervisor.

That has been one of the most frustrating things for me lately...decisions keep being made that directly affect me and the job coaches I supervise, but I am not involved in any of those decisions, just informed after the fact. I can't really do my job when I'm not involved in how things are run. There are also some things going on that I don't ethically agree with, if I'm going to be blunt. I've expressed my views on these things and have taken my hands out of it. It is honestly not a result of the economy, but of poor financial planning and investments, and now it's coming back to bite people and they are trying to save their asses. It's frustrating to have to be caught up in that, especially when a lot of it could have been avoided in the first place. But then again...what can I say? I don't own the company, so I guess my opinion isn't worth that much. (sarcasm noted) Not to say it's completely a result of lack of financial planning...there are some things out of their hands that have impacted things; I just don't think it would have been such a drastic effect if things were handled better leading up to now.

Let's see...what else? My birthday was yesterday, and I loved it. Had the day off, spent it walking, reading, gardening and just being relaxed! Had dinner and dessert with a few friends, and am having a cocktail party this weekend which I am really excited for! Jim has something planned for Friday night that he won't tell me about...although I have an idea of what it is. I could be wrong, but things are pointing to that, and I think I'm on to him (and a few other people). We shall see...

I just finished reading the book "The Unlikely Disciple" and would higly recommend it. I may write another blog post about that sometime-very itneresting seeing an "outsiders" perspectives on LU. Funny thing is, most of the things that he has issues with are the same things I have issues with (as far as how they handle certain things, some rules, etc). The difference is that I have found that the truth isn't what LU is doing in those situations-shocker: much of what they do is NOT Biblical-but that the Bible, when read and studied thoroughly, is truth. And that truth would probably get you kicked out of LU, or at least fined some serious reps. :)

Anywho...I think I'm going to head home for some lunch. I've been organizing my files and the office, which is taking a lot of time...not a bad thing, kind of relaxing since I'm a little type A about things being organized...:)


Friday, April 3, 2009

Bucket List

I've had one of these for a while, but decided to follow the crowd and post mine here as well. I'm sure I'll be adding to it, and I've accomplished at least one of them so far! :)

1. Become a certified interpreter. (check!)

2. Live in Italy for a year.

3. Skydive-(Gini Matz, we should do this together)

4. Run a marathon

5. Teach dance (again)

6. Meet John Mayer (I'm awful, I know)

7. Be on the Today Show, as a guest

8. Write a book

9. Travel Europe

10. Be debt-free and self insured. (i.e.-have enough in mutual funds I don't need insurance!)

11. Have a job, just once, where they send me on fun business trips.

12. Have a large vegetable garden.

13. Adopt or foster a child with special needs.

14. Drive a 1966 Shelby Cobra. far that's what I have. I know there's more. I'll just have to add to it!