Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, um...it's been over a month since my last blog. Oops. The funny thing about blogging is, once you start, you really can't stop. Sure, I may have a dry spell here and there, and then a "mountain top" (for you who grew up Baptist) blogging experience where I can't get enough...but regardless, I can't leave it. It beckons. I feel semi-guilty if I don't blog, which is funny, because I'm sure only about 2.3 people ever really read it!

I may post some more serious things in the next couple days, but I think I'll catch you up on some random happenings in my life first:

-we have a new refrigerator. Ours officially went kaput, and thank God for Dave Ramsey, as we had more than enough saved to get a new one. Granted, the Lowe's saleswoman made me want to slap her, but they had the best price, so in the end they one. I never thought the sound of an icemaker would be so comforting...
-my love affair with J. Crew has deepened. Not only did they have a sale again and I got some great stuff, but I actually tried to shop for things elsewhere (other than Ann Taylor) and failed miserably. I just wanted denim shorts, that's all. After about 2 hours of trying on everything I could find, I finally found one pair at New York and Company. It was buy one get one free, so I think "Great! I'll get a pair in a different color!" But nooooo...the same shorts in a different color of course fit entirely differently. So I settled for a free tank top, which I will probably return. J. Crew, I return to you, having learned my lesson.
-my husband is obsessed with Star Trek. I never knew quite how much until we started NetFlix. However, it works, because I like my downtime, and now he has something he likes to do as well. :)
-I don't like humidity. It has been pretty disgusting for the past couple of weeks, and it makes me actually want to stay inside, which is pure insanity for me. Thankfully, the evenings have been cooler, so I've been able to get out then. My exercise routine is severely lacking, however...I need to get on that!
-Me + the beach need to have a date ASAP. I am so in need of some rest and waves...just me and Jim would be great. Maybe we'll do that for our anniversary...
-I accomplished another of my bucket list goals: Learn to play the guitar. Jim taught me some basic chords, and I very slowly (and very badly) played a couple of songs, but hey, it counts!
-I actually, for a few brief moments, considered moving from Lynchburg...I may blog more about that later...
-Another one of my "unofficial, but should be official" items on my bucket list was accomplished: meeting Danny and Zack (and Pepe and Monica) from K92. Went to the Pancake Breakfast, got some pics, hung out and talked, and met up with them at Friday Cheers! we may be BFFs...speaking of Friday Cheers...
-best. thing. ever. Seriously. It's all the locals, dancing, having a great time, and is some of the best people watching ever. Like Cattle Annie's on crack. There's the American flag man in the tight black jeans, who has his own little dance party every time. There's the big hairy man with the gut who you can measure how drunk he is by how far his shirt is unbuttoned, and how much he hits on women with mullets. Then there's "Rocky"...he's my favorite so far.
-I got Jim to watch Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I forgot how much I ADORE those movies. We used to watch them all the time growing up...rainy Saturday? Anne. Sick in bed? Anne. I wanted to be her...to be so careless and outspoken and free. And to marry Gil, because he's just the best. And because I'm like Anne, and it would take me 5 years to realize he was the right guy for me!
-I have discovered flax seed, and put it in as much food as possible. Jim, when having an upset stomach tonight (it tends to um...make you more regular, shall we say), blamed it on flax...although I hadn't actually put any in his food today, lol.

All in all...it's been a busy, hectic, yet fun past few weeks. Jim was finally able to "officially" graduate, funny robe and all-I'm so proud of him! Work has been...well, work. Kelly's back at the office, which is nice, more pleasant to be there now. Back and forth and a little frustrating as always, but it's getting better.

I feel like that was a decent post, if I do say so myself! More to come...sometime. ;)