Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm not exactly a hippie...Part 1

But I do tend towards the "earthy" things. It's something that tends to cause occasional disruption on the homefront, as buying natural products tends to be a little more costly. It's not always, however, as one can score some great coupons and find good sales if looking hard enough. Plus, during the summer, growing your own veggies and/or buying them locally at the market actually saves a ton of money!

I'm not totally organic...there are some things that can be all-natural without being organic and still OK. However, I'm among the group of thought that if it's not something that is of natural origin, I don't think my body was meant to process it. That not only goes for food, but even for body care products, laundry detergent and the like. Thus the cause of a 15 minute debate at the grocery store over laundry detergent today. The ALL "free and clear" was on sale for $5/box, which did 40 loads of laundry. The BioKleen cost $18/box, but did 100 loads. So, we could buy 3 boxes of the ALL that would do about the same amount as the one box of BioKleen, but it would be still cheaper. Do we go with the cheaper, or the all-natural: thus our debate. We ended up with my first instinct: the BioKleen. Why? I mean, the the ALL was phosphate-free, plus free of dyes and perfumes, so that's all good. But, when looking at the ingredients, the first thing listed was "various cleaning agents". In the words of the SNL McGruber "What does that even mean?!"

If a national, well-known company is selling detergent, you know their main goal is to make a profit. So when it says "various cleaning agents", that does not make me feel very comfortable. There should be no reason they don't list every ingredient in their product. More than likely, it has sulfates and aluminum in it-neither of which are great for absorbing into your body. I may sound a bit extreme, but I'm convinced that a lot of the reason that people are so frequently sick, getting diseases and disorders (such as cancer, Autism, high blood pressure...) is because of our American "quick and easy" lifestyle. Let me clarify: I am NOT saying that all of these things are caused this way-sometimes they just happen because we live in a fallen world. However, I think a lot of things could be prevented if we take a step back and re-evaluate the "normal" way of life.


  1. Alisha... have you read "In Defense of Food" by Michael Polan (I think that's his name)? I read it at the beginning of the summer and its really interesting! It talks a little bit about the history of the American diet, how the government has created the food pyramid and then gives his advice for how to eat a more natural diet. Very good and thought provoking!

  2. I have not...but I think I may like it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I love your post here. I can so relate :). Another good read is "The Crazy Makers" and we need to have a night where we can watch Food, Inc... it is awesome... we will get Brinster to sleep and watch it, late!