Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm not exactly a hippie...Part 2

This kind of lifestyle is definitely easier said than done. The cultural norm in America is that we stay busy ALL the time (I need to work on lessening that myself!), so our eating habits, cleaning habits and exercise habits need to fit into that lifestyle. However, most good things don't come at the snap of a finger-they take time! Think about it-would you prefer a McDonald's hamburger, or a slow-cooked fillet Mignon (providing you like beef)? Pretty sure the fillet-it takes longer, but it's worth it! Same goes for our health. So maybe you have to actually prepare a dinner from scratch rather than heat up some pre-prepared frozen food item. Maybe we have to spend a little more money to get non-pesticide covered food rather than the cheap genetically enhanced food that doesn't even look natural. It's worth it-not only for our health now, but for our future health as well!

I look at both my and Jim's family, and while our great-grandparents lived to be quite old and most of our grandparents are still living, there are a lot of other health/body issues in both families on both sides! High blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, cancer, Autism, over-weight, depression...the list goes on. I don't think ALL of it could be prevented through diet, but a lot of it could be helped that way. The same goes for medication-I think that it can be a good thing, obviously God has given doctors/researchers the brains to develop treatments for things, but sometimes those are developed out of the same "quick fix" mentality, not caring so much about the possible side effects. I mean, the drug commercials anymore consist of 45 seconds of listing possible side effects and 15 of advertising the actual medication! Then, you have to get on more medication for the side effects of the other medicine you are on...and so on.

I've seen the results of living a healthier, natural lifestyle in our own home. When we were first married, I was on birth control, but began having a ton of health problems. I had eye problems and couldn't wear contacts for 6 months, horrible pain in my ovaries, headaches, random swelling in my joints, and traveling blood clots. (not saying it's wrong-I just am not a fan now of putting added hormones unnecessarily into my body.) The doctors kept trying to switch the birth control, but the side effects would just start over again after about a month. So, we decided I would just stop taking it. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the side effects slowly lessened, then stopped! Blood clots dissipated, swelling went down, eye sight cleared was great! Now, that does mean we have to be a little more "careful", since we're not wanting to get pregnant yet...and yes, that can be inconvenient. But, to me, the health risks aren't worth the convenience.

Shortly thereafter, I started getting rid of buying food with preservatives in it, and have gradually gone to using as much "whole" and natural food as possible. It's been a challenge, as Jim's not always as big a fan of the different tastes and textures, but he's actually learned that he likes a lot of the food and will choose it now on his own! The health benefits have been awesome-Jim's been sick only once-MAYBE twice-in the past 2 years or so (he does still eat quite a bit of processed sugar...we're working on that one. ;) ), and I haven't been actually SICK at all! Maybe a little worn down from working too much or traveling, but no colds, flu, sinus infections...nada. We also go to the chiropractor 2x/month, which I think contributes as well. It's amazing how much you can save on dr. bills...when you look at it that way, the little bit of extra money for food isn't bad at all!

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