Saturday, March 19, 2011


I stole that word from Gini Matz. (Side note...I almost typed @Gini Matz...too much Facebook anyone?) I'm trying to work on a paper and can't get myself to focus for anything. I enjoy school, I really do, but I feel like when I can't work on it during the week and have to take time out of my weekend, I despise it! Utterly.Despise. OK, maybe not quite that bad...but it's gorgeous outside, we have some family in town, and I'm sitting at a coffee shop trying to type some lovely journal reviews. I shouldn't complain. I'm blessed to be able to even get this education, and for free at that!

I am hoping starting to type on here will get the juices flowing. There's so much more going on in my life right now than school that even though I was so excited about this and still am, I feel like it's one of the absolute last things on my list of things to do. Thus the reason I'm currently working on a paper due Monday and have one Wednesday that I have yet to start...AH!

OK...enough whining...wish me luck!